Emerald of Time

Emerald of Time
Emerald Of Time.png
An overview of the main section
Map information
Reward 7 FFA Points
Difficulty Moderate
Location FFA
Mapcode eot
Creator Zatharel
Food Cooked Salmon x64
Publication Unknown


Original article written by Zatharel

A long time ago, thefattestpig and I wanted to make an RPG-type-map where the player would follow one or more quests, but we never really did anything with that except a few small buildings. Later, that same location was used by henni and I to create a stronghold/castle(?) that was intended to end up later on as an adventure map. Of course, that didn't happen either.

Somewhere before the Summer of 2015, I really wanted to make a map. I didn't care what it was, I just wanted to make a map. My last collaboration with magic, The Story ended up quite well, so I wanted to try making another map with him.

I didn't come up with the main plot of the map until I realized what I wanted it to be for. I remember that a friend of mine (Rynn), whitie on here but that is irrelevant, had her birthday in August. So then, why not kill two birds with one stone - make a gift, and make a map.

During the making of the map, ricky did pretty much all of the worldediting and scripting, which is why he has his own credits there. I got the help of pig once again and she made the hospital. Henni is credited for basically making the entirety of the stronghold island which only had a few touches by me. For magic, it is getting rather dull thanking him for everything, but he deserves every word of it. As for me, I'm just the guy who made it happen. In my own words: "The brain of the operation, who has no brain.".

The map is currently rated yellow (3 points) and is located in the lower section of the FFA ship, in the Adventures room.