The Console is the interface between the server and the admin operating it. It is used to send commands that manipulate server, player and entity data at will. Players may sometimes see the console present in chat with its own name, which often leads to them mistaking it for a player. The past console names are covered in the section below.


The Console has been named different things in the past. Currently, it is named Machete. Below is a list of past names for the console:

  • Heisenberg
  • Chuck Norris
  • Machete


Console access is limited to a few administrators who need it in their daily tasks. It is possible for other administrators to gain access to the console should they need it, however for the moment the access is limited to around 5 people.


ALERT, or [ALERT] in chat is another interface usually used to send out server-wide warnings for an imminent restart, lag spike or similar. Admins can create an [ALERT] by simply putting a hashtag (#) at the start of their chat message.