Command Restore


Minr restore is a command that allows fairly-sized regions to be replaced by other builds that were made in the same region. The command is silent, so using it for popping up art or changing paths is greatly assisted by this command.


To be more precise, minr restore restores schematics to their original position. Schematics are pieces of data containing a segment of the world. WorldEdit allows the creation, and the pasting of these, but back in the day, WorldEdit did not support the option of silently placing these schematics. Schematics can be made by selecting two corner points and:
//schem save <name>
Once the schematic is saved, it can be used in the minr restore command.

What it does[edit]

Essentially minr restore does the same as:
//schem load <schematic>
//paste -o
but silently. With a recent script version all commands can be executed silently, so there is no direct need for the minr restore command anymore. The command has been preserved for backwards compatibility, however, and is still used very often.

How to use it[edit]

Minr restore has two versions of the command, one with and one without a world specifier. The former comes from the original Minr plugin, and is preserved for backwards compatibility, but holds a few integrity issues. The latter was implemented for use in commands blocks, and is generally safer to use.
/minrextra restore <schematic>
/minrextra restore <schematic> <world>

<schematic> is a schematic that has been saved prior to the use of the command. <world> can be Zero, Zero_nether and Zero_the_end.