Barn Mania(Reworked)

Barn Mania(Reworked)
Barn Mania2.png.png
A shot of the barn.
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Novice
Location FFA
Mapcode bar
Creator Spontida10
Food None
Publication September 21, 2013 (Pre-rework)

Barn Mania is a parkour with search map by Spontida10. It would likely reward 4 FFA Points upon completion, and could be joined directly using “/c join bar”. It is currently in a reworking state.


A robbery has occurred and the player must investigate.


Barn Mania begins in a large colonial house outside the barn and players must solve a puzzle to exit. The player must then exercise to get to the barn. Once inside, the player has to find the right path to check on the sheep (originally jump boost II was given to players and used throughout the entire parkour). The player has to use the farm animals to his/her/their advantage as they provide the player with meaningful effect boosts. The second mini section of the map deals with finding a way to get out of the barn. Finally, the player has to go to the silo which is overrun with produce due to the storyline. The map ends with a special note.


The house players start in is a colonial mansion. It is neatly decorated and has some rooms to explore. The barn is made out of red concrete used to mimic redwood. Spontida10 has intentions to replace it with wood planks when possible in a future update. The roof has a curved shape made of quartz. Small stables decorated with whatever the animal produces are around the barn. There are some hay here and there.


The map is not currently in FFA, and thus is in no challenges.


  • Barn Mania was originally one of only 3 parkour maps to contain jump boost parkour throughout the entire map, the others being Space Jump and Monkey Trumpets.

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